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Google Maps Block

FortressDB has a Google Maps block. It lets you plot pins on a map based on locations in a FortressDB table.

The block is easy to use. From Gutenberg, select the block, then choose which data table you want to plot co-ordinates for. You can also customise the pin by using field names from the same data table.

The FortressDB Gutenberg block for Google Maps – Editor mode

The block editor will show a preview. After publication, it will look similar to the following. Different themes or page templates will have different widths.

The FortressDB Gutenberg block for Google Maps – Published view

Getting a licence key for Google Maps API

To use the Google Maps block you need to have a licence key from Google. This is easy to do, and doesn’t cost very much. For most WordPress websites it will probably be free. This is a link to Google’s pricing page.

The following steps explain the process of getting an API key for Google Maps.

Step 1

Open Google Developers Console from this link. Then, from the dropdown list, choose “Create a Project“.

Step 2

Click the “Continue” button and wait for a few seconds.

Step 3

Click “What credentials do I need?” button.

Step 4

Copy the API key using “Ctrl + C” or “Command + C”, then paste it into the FortressDB block for Google Maps.

Insert API key into Google Maps block for FortressDB

Updated on May 14, 2020

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